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«Crafting wood that moves you»   Since 1977
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Custom made wooden playgrounds and playhouses

ARTxPROCertificate ARTxPROArtxpro is a company that ​creates ​physical ​activity installations​ crafted from wood​. Most of ​our designs are​ playground​ equipment​ and gyms for your home or backyard. We also offer all kinds of playhouses and tree-houses made of wood​,​ specially​ ​designed ​for kids.

We are not trying to sell you something, that was made who knows where, by who knows whom, for who knows what purpose. We live and work right next to you, and we have kids just like you​rs​.

We ​create our own ideas and designs instead of promoting somebody else's ideas. That is why we have our own concepts, our own style and real experience.

ARTxPROArtxpro is a company that ​creates ​physical ​activity installations​ crafted from wood​.

Do you want your kids to be more physically active and plan to install a playground? That's cool! Artxpro knows a lot about playgrounds and playhouses, and we will build one that makes you happy!

What to expect?

First we visit your home or the site where you want a playground to be installed.

We then listen carefully for all you requirements, say «Seriously» (just kidding), and offer one or more sketches for you to consider.

After your approval, it will take us 2 to 4 weeks to create your custom project and install it in your chosen spot. Now it is yours to enjoy stylish, beautiful and functional! It may be a colorful playground for your country backyard or a cozy playhouse in your city apartment.

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