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Custom made outside playgrounds and gyms

Our playgrounds and gyms are meant for active use by children of all ages, from 1 to 101. Designed for children and active adults, we make our products highly functional, beautiful and fun. Any suitable material can be used in construction: wood, steel, plastic, sticks, tubes,ropes, rings, holes,hooks,meshes, ladders, etc. Our children's playhouses and slides will make your kid's recreational activities more physical, and him or her stronger and happier.

Every installation is completely unique. We don't like to repeat ourselves. That would be boring to us!

Our adult customers especially appreciate the design and style of our highly functional playgrounds. Appearance and functional beauty mean a lot to them. Adults invest a lot of their money, time and energy into the way their home looks. We don't want to spoil that investment with a ridiculous looking installation. We love style and appreciate the beauty of modern simplicity, quality materials and clean lines.

This way both kids and their parents can equally enjoy our products!

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