Custom made indoor gyms and playgrounds

Our indoor gyms and playgrounds are meant for active use of children and adults of all ages. They are made of an environmentally friendly and beautiful material — wood.

It's not just household appliances or closets that can have a tasteful, built-in look. We build-in and integrate full size wooden home gyms into apartments or country houses so that they look as if they were part of the original design. We will not only fit all the equipment into your space, but we will fill it with a spirit of games and sports. Indoor installations can look like a modern gym with clean and simple lines or like a monkey's enclosure. If you'd like it, a ceiling will turn into sky, and a floor into a lawn. Use your imagination, dear parents, looking at that empty room, that is supposed to become your kid's room. Browse some magazines, internet sites, visit a zoo…

Then call us. We'll have a ball with your project.

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